Could this bizarre creature be real?

By Benny Shouga 04/17/2016


A series of photos taken in Daisen show a winged humanoid figure above Niodo Park   (photography by unknown)

In recent months, police departments in the San’in region of Western Tottori and Eastern Shimane Prefectures have received various bizarre reports of a strange, anthropomorphic creature haunting the mountains, forests, and occasionally even the villages and towns of the San’in region. Dubbed ‘Karasuman’ by local media, its descriptions are largely the same: a muscular, humanlike form as tall as 40 m, black in color, with large, feathered wings spreading from its back, and a head similar in shape to a crow’s. Concurrent with sightings, farmers in the same areas have reported odd behavior among the area’s abundant crows—gathering in huge groups of 1000 or more, and sometimes forming eerie flying “clouds” above the farms and fields. According to Professor Tarou Yamada, a leading cryptozoologist at Grand Valley State University, these sightings may, in fact, be attributed to the same creature. “It sounds similar to karasu tengu of mythology,” explains Yamada. “And its presence here is somehow affecting the crow populations. It may even have the power to control them.”


Local children harbor strong opinions on just what the mysterious creature might be. “I think he is an alien that came here to protect us like Ultraman,” asserts 7-year-old Hanako Tanaka, a first grade student at Daisen Elementary School. “No, he wants to eat us!” protests classmate Kenji Nakamura, also 7. “Like Daimajin! He can be big, so he will be very hungry!” Adults have their own theories. “Hmm… maybe he is a Shinto god,” Junko Irie muses over a latte at the local coffee shop. “Maybe people somehow made him angry, and he decided to appear now. It really makes you think!” While Prime Minister Abe has yet to comment on the sightings, many wonder if the government may be launching its own secret investigation. Could the government know something about an as yet unidentified, unconfirmed crypto-hominoid they have not divulged to the public? Could such a being actually exist? Professor Yamada balks at the question. “It’s not a matter of whether it exists. It’s a matter of how long until we believe the truth ourselves.”