By Scott Mitchell Jr. 05/21/2016


Located in the Daisen-ji area of Mt. Daisen, Tottori Prefecture’s largest mountain, the Ju-An Guest House receives visitors from around the globe drawn to the area for hiking, cycling, winter sports, or simply to enjoy its vast natural beauty. Founded by owner Yata Hiroko, the Ju-An Guest House is a labor of love over seven years in the making.


Guests take a stroll outside Ju-An and enjoy the scenery, extending to the Sea of Japan (photography by Shiho Oshita)

The building originally served as the Daisen Kotobukisou, a small mountain inn for over 40 years before finally closing its doors. Yata-san, a local hotel employee who had long admired the inn, saw an opportunity to save the property and keep its legacy alive—an opportunity she quickly seized. “The owner graciously allowed me to take over the building and run it as a new inn,” she explained. It was no easy task; Yata-san renovated the entire inn herself, enduring season after season of backbreaking work to create her vision.


Ju-An owner Yata Hiroko, overseeing renovation to Daisen’s newest guest house (photography by Shiho Oshita)

Her perseverance finally paid off in June, 2014, when the Ju-An Guest House officially opened its doors to to public. She chose the name “Ju-An” as a tribute to the former inn, combining the kanji “寿” (alternately “kotobuki” or “ju”—longevity) with “庵“ (“an” —hermitage), a reference to the Daisen-ji area’s historical background. According to Yata-san, “The aim of this inn is to create a place where everyone will feel welcome.” She hopes the inn’s rebirth will provide patrons from all walks of life with a place to meet, mingle, and make new connections.


Ju-An owner Yata Hiroko talks about her love of Daisen and sharing it with guests (photography by Shiho Oshita)


The Ju-An Guest House is a prime example of small businesses working to open the Daisen area to the world, and an inspiration to anyone with a dream, a plan, and the will to make it come true.

Accommodations start at ¥3000 per night.


For more information, please visit


Ju-An’s accommodations make for a comfortable stay in any season (photography courtesy of Ju-An)

Name Daisen Guesthouse Ju-an
Address 36-5 Daisen, Daisen-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori
Phone 0859-52-2867 (English is available.)
Time Check-in 15:00 Check-out 10:00 (Please check in by 20:00)
Station JR Yonago Station or JR Daisenguchi
Access From JR Yonago station : 50 minutes by bus

From JR Daisenguchi station : 30 minutes by bus